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LGBT Pride wholesale factory






Empower All Love


RAWHER's establishment aims to connect the finest factory resources with LGBTQ customers and products. From a factory's standpoint, order quantity is a vital factor in their profitability, causing small-scale clients to struggle finding suitable suppliers. As a member of the LGBTQ community, I am dedicated to ensuring customers with similar values can access reasonably priced, high-quality products in appropriate quantities. I firmly believe that economic influence can drive profound change, transcending generations and political shifts.

At RAWHER, we deeply value women's rights and promote diversity awareness. Throughout this journey, I have encountered numerous like-minded individuals, and it has been the most rewarding experience since embarking on this entrepreneurial path. Asian society still harbors various forms of discrimination and biases against women, and I firmly believe that the best response lies in empowering more women to embrace their true selves, as there is immense strength in both softness and resilience.




Pride product production
Screen printing scarf
Pride item screen printing
Pride scarf rainbow scarf
Pride product rainbow suspender
Pride product tote bag
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