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A selection of our Pride merchandises are available
on our Etsy retail shop - Rawher.

In Our Etsy shop

Includes 10 unique gender identity flags. Unlike plastic handles used in the past, these flags come with beautiful and durable wooden handles that are environmentally friendly

10 assorted Pride Eco hand flag

Featuring a trapezoidal twill pattern in rainbow colors, this pattern is an exclusive design. The fabric is light and thin, making it suitable for spring and summer use. Its enlarged size allows it to be used as a scarf or shawl.

RH rb sf.jpg

Love Is Love, the purest expression of affection. We proudly present our Love Is Love LGBTQ Lanyard, designed with adjustable length to fit individuals of all heights.

Love Is Love lanyard.jpg

Inspired by the famous Stonewall Riots, this tote bag features the word "PRIDE" created from a cobblestone design. 

Pride canvas tote bag

This is a keychain made with Japanese elastic rainbow ribbon, adding a pop of color to your daily essentials.

Pride rainbow trimming keychain-1.jpg

It comes with a sturdy metal clasp that easily attaches to your bag or holds your keys/phone. 

Pride puller keychain

There Are More Pride swag...


For Pride wholesale or custom purchase inquiries, please reach out to us.
We look forward to hearing from you.

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