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Whether you're a newcomer with no experience in placing orders, or a seasoned pro in the industry, we're excited to work closely with you to create outstanding Pride custom products



Share your ideas with us –

  • On what occasion do you plan to use the rainbow products?

  • Who are your guests?

  • What kind of products are you thinking of making?

Based on these ideas, let's develop a plan!

work with rawher step1 idea

Formulate a reliable plan -

  • How many units of the product are needed?

  • When do you need to receive the products?

  • What is your budget to complete this project?

  • How you like to pack your products?

work with rawher step2 make a plan

Product Design Sketch -

Please send us the design including the required patterns/logos, sizes, and colors of the product. If you don't have a professional designer, feel free to ask us about alternative ways to design your products

work with rawher step3 you design
work with rawher step4 we offer quote

Pre-production Briefing -

Based on your design and details such as the quantity of the products, we will provide a quote and confirm the delivery schedule. Also, if there are any issues with the product design, we will inform you at this stage

Placing Order -

After confirming the price, quantity, and product details, you can then place your order!

work with rawher step5 you place an order

Receiving Order -

We'll kick off the pre-production process by purchasing materials, adjusting the machinery, and scheduling your order for production.

Just a friendly reminder: Once your order is placed, a corresponding deposit is required. Please note, this deposit is non-refundable if the order is cancelled

work with rawher step6 we make you sample

Sampling -

We'll send you photos and videos of the pre-production sample we've made. Once you give us the thumbs up, we'll start with the mass production!

work with rawher step7 we start the production

Starting Mass Production -


We'll gather all the necessary materials and systematically execute the production step by step. During this period, we'll closely monitor daily progress to ensure that the products are completed on schedule.

work with rawher step8 we ship the goods to you

Shipping -

Shipping Once the products are ready, we'll handle the shipping details and inform you about the freight charges. Usually, the goods will arrive at your designated location within 2-3 weeks

  • We usually advise new clients to start planning three months in advance.

tips for you

  • Currently, we accept the following payment methods: Bank Transfer (please cover associated fees) and PayPal (need extra 5% service charge)

tips for you
  • It's not as difficult as you might think - customizing PRIDE products is definitely fun and enjoyable!

tips for you
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